One God – One Love – One World


Denise has been actively involved as a practitioner in the holistic healing arts, for 18 years, which includes spiritual clearings, healings, counseling. Among these, she is also a licensed minister and a Reiki Master. Her Mission is to help others acquire spiritual wellness in balance with your physical, mental, and emotional well being.


Denise’s mission is to help others raise their Vibrational Frequency through  Holistic Healing Techniques so they may ultimately acquire full Abundance in this life and fulfill their passions and mission as guided.

Company Overview

Denise has actively been involved as a Practitioner in the Holistic Healing Arts for 18 years, which include Akashic Readings, Spiritual Clearings and Healings. Among these techniques She is a Licensed Minister, Reiki Master, performs DNA Activations and Re-Connections, Chakra Balancing, Re-Patternings, Yuen Energetics, which is a metaphysical Healing intentional technique that corrects issues and limitations. Denise, also applys Sound and Music Frequency Therapy and Kinesiology among other modalities in raising a clients Vibration.


Akashic Healing, Clearing and Reading work is dedicated to help others with assisting in removing blocks, issues and limitations that have come with us through lifetimes that may limit us in acquiring Wholeness and Abundance. Achieving Abundance is being in complete Balance, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. The Akashic Healing also includes a Chakra Clearing. Re-Patterning and a DNA Activation and Re-Connection.


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